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Science Illustrated - Extreme of Nature

English language | 86 pages | PDF Format | 46,5 MB | Bonnier Corp. | 2008

Science Illustrated Magazine reports on the world of science in a way that's dynamic, engaging and accessible for all. Every bimonthly issue is an upbeat, visually spectacular gateway to cutting-edge science, covering a tremendous range of subjects, from paleontology to space exploration, from medical breakthroughs to the latest environmental insights.
It's the magazine for intellectually curious readers with a passion for science and discovery.
Science Illustrated Magazine reports on the world of science in a way that's dynamic, engaging and accessible for all. Every bimonthly issue is an upbeat, visually spectacular gateway to cutting-edge science, covering a tremendous range of subjects, from paleontology to space exploration, from medical breakthroughs to the latest environmental insights.
It's the magazine for intellectually curious readers with a passion for science and discovery.

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 User Guide

English Language | 701 pages | PDF Format | 41,2 MB

Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 includes new online features that bring the power of the web to your desktop. Use these features to connect with the community, collaborate, and get more from your Adobe tools. Powerful creative online services let you complete tasks ranging from colour matching to data conferencing. The services seamlessly integrate with desktop applications so you can quickly enhance existing workflows. Some services offer full or partial functionality when you’re offline too.

Some Creative Suite 4 applications include these initial offerings:
Kuler™ panel
Quickly create, share, and explore color themes online.
Adobe® ConnectNow
Collaborate with dispersed working teams over the web, sharing voice, data, and multimedia.
Resource Central
Instantly access tutorials, sample files, and extensions for Adobe digital video applications.

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Maximize Your Brainpower - 1000 New Ways to Boost Your Mental Fitness

English Language | 240 pages | PDF Format | 6,4 MB | Created by Philip Carter and Ken Russell

Improve your mental well-being with this book of brand new mental tests in the IQ Workout Series... Despite the enormous capacity of the human brain, we only utilise on average two per cent of our potential brainpower. There is, therefore, the potential for each of us to considerably expand our brainpower. Maximise Your Brainpower provides readers with a series of mental workouts covering areas of creative thinking, problem solving, memory, logical thought, mental agility and intelligence. Chapters are each designed to exercise a different kind of brain activity, with a series of newly compiled exercises, puzzles and tests. Use this and other books in The IQ Workout Series as a fun and informative way of testing, assessing, and expanding your brainpower! Ken Russell and Philip Carter are MENSA Puzzle Editors and have compiled nearly 100 books on all aspects of testing, puzzles and crosswords. * A hints section is provided for the more difficult tests and puzzles. * Answers together with detailed explanations, where necessary, are provided for all puzzles and tests. * A guide to assessing performance is provided for each of the IQ tests in the Intelligence Test section, and for tests in other sections where appropriate.

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The Encyclopedia of World History 6th Edition

English Language | EXE Format | 14,1 MB | Copyright by Houghton Mifflin Company | 2001

The "Langer Encyclopedia," as the professional academics call The Encyclopedia of World History originally edited by the late William L. Langer, is basically a history of everything--and an outstanding reference volume. Want to know why the English called their 10th-century king Ethelred "the Unready"? See page 181. Or what the Ottoman Empire's constitution of 1876 said? See page 531. Or when women in Honduras got the vote? See page 955. This sixth edition, completely updated and revised by a team of scholars led by George Mason University's Peter N. Stearns, packs all it can into a year-by-year and region-by-region chronicle of human life on planet Earth. The book is big, the type is small, and the maps and genealogical tables are excellent. Stearns has added more material on women, leisure activities, and demographics to this edition, and the sections on Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America are much different from the previous version.

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Piano for Dummies

English Language | 353 pages | PDF Format | 12,4 MB

Piano For Dummies starts at the very beginning and walks you through everything you need to know to turn that oversized hunk of furniture into an instrument that can make beautiful music. If you don't know how to read music, this book explains in friendly, uncomplicated language all the basics of music theory and applying it to playing the piano. And if you've been playing piano for a while – or took piano lessons when you were a child but haven't played since – you can pick up some valuable tips to improve your playing or use the book as a refresher course.

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Building Websites with Joomla! 1,5

English Language | 380 pages | PDF Format | 17,9 MB | Author - Hagen Graf

The best-selling Joomla! tutorial guide updated for the latest 1.5 release

* Learn Joomla! 1.5 features
* Install and customize Joomla! 1.5
* Configure Joomla! administration
* Create your own Joomla! templates
* Extend Joomla! with new components, modules, and plug-ins

Joomla! started as a fork from Mambo in 2005, when many of the original developers of the Mambo CMS moved to working on Joomla! It has rapidly grown in popularity and, according to its own description, is a "Cutting Edge Content Management System and one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management systems in the world. It is used world-wide for anything from simple homepages to complicated corporate websites. It is easy to install, easy to manage and very reliable."

While the Joomla! CMS has the flexibility and power needed for complex, full-featured web applications, it is also simple to use to create basic websites. Its powerful, extensible template system can deal many different data types and control of user access, approval of content, scheduling of content display, and rich administrative controls are all included.

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Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra

English Language | DjVu Format | 4,2 MB

Anne Hooper’s Kama Sutra
By Anne Hooper
* Publisher: DK ADULT
* Number Of Pages: 160
* Publication Date: 1998-01-01
* Sales Rank: 38639
* ISBN / ASIN: 1564586499
* EAN: 9781564586490
* Binding: Hardcover
* Manufacturer: DK ADULT
* Studio: DK ADULT
* Average Rating: 4
* Total Reviews: 53
One might think a former Penthouse Forum magazine editor would be in over her head when it came to interpreting the sacred Kama Sutra for contemporary lovers. Surprisingly, Anne Hooper has grasped the subtle, but more important, messages of India’s traditional love manuals. She discourages readers from focusing on accomplishing distorted poses, as if they were athletic feats. Instead, she has written a compelling commentary that encourages readers to emphasize pressure points, manners, artistic freedom, and most of all finding and pursuing a loving sexual relationship rather than an overly choreographed one. Almost every page is illustrated with tasteful photos of nude lovers demonstrating the many sacred positions, while Hooper’s text offers suggestions on how to apply the ancient teachings to contemporary lovemaking. ( Gail Hudson )

Book Description:
Anne Hooper’s Kama Sutra updates and reinterprets the 2,000 year–old sexual text in a fully illustrated guide that features specially commissioned photographs and information on ways to enrich and diversify one’s sex life. In this classic volume of sexual learning, Anne Hooper brings together the best of the eastern sexual teaching, the Kamasutra, the Ananga Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and The Tao to create a new classic that encourages an emphasis on pressure points, manners, artistic freedom, and most of all finding and pursuing a loving sexual relationship. She discourages the focus from accomplishing distorted poses in actuality, they are advanced yoga positions and instead has discovered the true spirit of these ancient teachings and applied the teachings to contemporary lovemaking.

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Sex and the Brain

English Language | 853 pages | PDF Format | 16,2 MB | Edited by Gillian Einstein

This collection of foundational papers on sex differences in the brain traces the development of a much-invoked, fast-growing young field at the intersection of brain and behavior. The reader is introduced to the meaning and nature of sexual dimorphisms, the mechanisms and consequences of steroid hormone action, and the impact of the field on interpretations of sexuality and gender.

Building on each other in point-counterpoint fashion, the papers tell a fascinating story of an emerging science working out its core assumptions. Experimental and theoretical papers, woven together by editor's introductions, open a window onto knowledge in the making and a vigorous debate between reductionist and pluralist interpreters.

Five major sections include papers on conceptual and methodological background, central nervous system dimorphisms, mechanisms for creating dimorphisms, dimorphisms and cognition, and dimorphisms and identity. Each section builds from basic concepts to early experiments, from experimental models to humans, and from molecules to mind. Papers by such leading scholars as Arthur Arnold, Frank Beach, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Patricia Goldman-Rakic, Doreen Kimura, Simon LeVay, Bruce McEwen, Michael Merzenich, Bertram O'Malley, Geoffrey Raisman, and Dick Swaab, illustrate a rich blend of perspectives, approaches, methods, and findings.

Sex and the Brain will show students how a scientific paper can be analyzed from many perspectives, and supply them with critical tools for judging a rapidly emerging science in a contentious area.

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Effective Web Design - 2th Edition

English Language | 346 page | PDF Format | 5,9 MB

Overview : This is a nuts and bolts coding book. In it are examples showing how to hand-code, in XHTML, sites that include images, links, tables, frames, style sheets–just about everything you might want. There’s also extensive advice on planning your site design, knowing your audience, and doing e-business.

The author’s fundamental approach to effective Web design is what she terms the “cross-compatibility concept,” which is based upon two principles: creating valid code in the first place and creating code that will cause an older browser to either pass on content it can’t handle or offer “graceful degradation.” This runs counter to similar books, which advise serving up different content depending upon the user’s browser.

The book is aimed at those who have used Web layout applications like GoLive, Dreamweaver, or FrontPage, but now wish to know more about the underlying code; s well as those who may already know HTML but would like to learn proper XHTML, especially as a step toward learning XML. The author served on the W3C HTML Working Group as an invited expert, and her confident knowledge in this area is evident in her writing.

Her Web consulting company is called WebGeek, which isn’t surprising since the tone of this book is distinctively “geeky.” But anyone looking to sharpen his or her coding skills shouldn’t be deterred by that.

Beginners will find the book rigorous, but Webmasters will appreciate the chapter on code validators and how to interpret error reports, and the one on improving a site’s accessibility for the disabled.

Although it’s less effective in dealing with basic design issues like balance and visual unity (it gets marks for effort) or in the homemade (decidedly non-slick) look of sample site designs and graphics, this book does deliver when it comes to the exacting details of XHTML. The index is as thorough as that of a science textbook, and the appendices provide quick access to the XHTML abstract module definitions and all the elements and their attributes. The CD-ROM contains code referred to in the book, along with a lot of shareware and trial copies of Web utilities for FTP, code validating, browsers, and other useful applications.

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Hacker's Challenge - Test Your Incident Response Skills Using 20 Scenarios

English Language | 300 pages | PDF Format | 19,7 MB | Publisher by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Mike Schiffman has hit upon a great formula for Hacker's Challenge. Rather than try to research, fully understand, and adequately explain attacks that have taken place on other people's networks--the approach taken by too many writers of books about computer security - Schiffman lets network administrators and security experts tell their stories first-hand. This is good. What's better is that Schiffman has edited each of their war stories into two sections: one that presents the observations the sysadmin or security consultant made at the time of the attack, and another (in a separate part of the book) that ties the clues together and explains exactly what was going on. The challenge in the title is for you to figure out what the bad guys were doing - and how best to stop them - before looking at the printed solution. Let's call this book what it is: an book for people with an interest in network security.

It doesn't really matter, from a value-for-money standpoint, whether your skills are up to the challenge or not. The accounts of intrusions--these are no-kidding, real-life attacks that you can probably learn from, by the way - are written like chapters from a novel (though log file listings, network diagrams, and performance graphs appear alongside the narrative text). Recall every time you've seen a movie or read a book with computer scenes so technically inaccurate they made you wish for a writer with a clue. Schiffman and Hacker's Challenge is what you wished for. ( David Wall)

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