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Which is its contents there are guidance and tutorial in running an effort. Successful ways in running an effort, where you guided to become a successful entrepreneur or wiraswasta. I hope this eBook can help you to become successful wiraswasta, good luck ! It's 100% free.

Warning : This ebook only as study, we don't mean to do collision to each lable copyrights. Everything you do with all files is your own risk and your responsibility. if you very take a fancy to the book, I suggest you to be buying the original book. We apologize the him of, if there is someone or author don't mean or objection with existing content in.

Ebooks Guidance Effort \ Wiraswasta ( Indonesian Language )

Housing Effort

Title Size Mirror
Usaha Bihun 10 KB - PDF Here
Usaha Elektro Plating 17 KB - PDF Here
Usaha Kecap Kedelai 27 KB - PDF Here
Usaha Keripik Kentang 14 KB - PDF Here
Usaha Kerupuk Ikan 223 KB - DOC Here
Usaha Nata De Coco 9 KB - PDF Here
Usaha Roti 51 KB - DOC Here
Usaha Susu Kacang Kedelai 20 KB - PDF Here
Usaha Tempe 72 KB - DOC Here

Agriculture Effort

Title Size Mirror
Budidaya Jamur Merang Dengan Ampas Aren 162 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Jamur Tiram 485 KB - DOC Here
Budidaya Kacang Tanah 31 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Padi 41 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Tembakau Virginia 34 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Jamur Kuping 2,4 KB - DOC Here
Budidaya Jamur Kuping Dengan Alang - Alang 171 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Jamur Merang 1,6 KB - DOC Here
Budidaya Jamur Tiram Di Rumah 6 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Ketela Pohon 140 KB - PDF Here
Pertumbuhan Dan Perkembangan Jamur Tiram 25 KB - PDF Here
Standar Kelas Kualitas Jamur Kuping Kering 43 KB - DOC Here
Budidaya Talas 58 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Ubi Jalar 74 KB - PDF Here

Ranch Effort

Title Size Mirror
Budidaya Ayam Petelur 62 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Ayam Ras Pedaging 46 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Burung Puyuh 38 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Burung Walet 48 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Cacing Tanah 43 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Jangkrik 35 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Kodok 49 KB - PDF Here
Beternak Domba 62 KB - PDF Here
Beternak Itik 38 KB - PDF Here
Beternak Kelinci 37 KB - PDF Here
Beternak Lebah 50 KB - PDF Here
Beternak Sapi Perah 45 KB - PDF Here
Beternak Sapi Potong 57 KB - PDF Here
Intensifikasi Ternak Ayam Buras 65 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Bekicot 242 KB - PDF Here

Fishery Effort

Title Size Mirror
Budidaya Belut 45 KB - DOC Here
Budidaya Ikan Gurame 56 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Ikan Mas Koki Mutiara 13 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Udang Galah 115 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Udang Windu 102 KB - PDF Here
Budidaya Ikan Tawes 14 KB - PDF Here

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