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This anime narrating concerning two young man which reside in one school is “Deimon Private Senior High School”. Both this young man is Kobayakawa Sena and Yoichi Hiruma, they have different ability. Sena have ability in power that is running and Hiruma have ability in technique that is strategy.
Hiruma is football team captain in school, he is know ability of Sena with speed his running. Captain Yoichi Hiruma who forces Sena to join his team named “Deimon Devil Bats”.
Finally this team find player which they look for during the time that is Sena. He is nicknamed by "Eyeshield", because he wear eye-shade at the protector of head of to prevent identity he was known by others and their covering ground from here

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Eyeshield 21 Vol.1 | English | PDF Format

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  1. AndriRistiawan // 22 Desember 2008 02.48  

    i read this in onemanga...
    and read indo version in indokomikmanga :D
    but thanks for sharing

  2. // 12 Januari 2009 15.34  

    Bang, template kayak abang gitu ambil dimana, kasih tau lah bang biar ku ganti punyaku kayak abang, thanks !

  3. ExiOST // 19 Januari 2009 00.15  

    Wow thanks

  4. Admin // 24 Januari 2009 15.30  

    I have previously seen this and it is a very good one to pass your time. thanks for posting the same here


  5. travel_with_love // 28 Januari 2009 22.23  

    nice blog. I have also been used to reading ebook.

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