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Bleach tell a story concerning Ichigo Kurosaki, a student in senior high school getting ability to see soul from a soul reaper (Shinigami).
At one day Ichigo meet with Rukia Kuchiki, she is a soul reaper (Shinigami) which on the trail of evil spirit called by Hollow. When Rukia giving battle with Hollow, she injures and because that is doesn’t have other way besides removing her Shinigami ability and strength to Ichigo.
After the time of that adventure of Ichigo and Rukia started. Both of them adventure to look for and fight against all hollow and execute ceremony to sanctify evil spirits.

Bleach is popular and cool anime, now you can read in the form of comic. Come on download free Bleach Comic in Vol 1. Each week I'll give new story of Bleach in the next volume.

Bleach (The Death and The Strawberry) Vol.1 | English | PDF Format

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